Aida caminando

Our walks are based on the slow philosophy, which means that they are designed to be enjoyed without haste, giving preference to the natural spaces and green areas of the city. We want to break with the traditional dynamics between guide and public and that is why the cascarilleiros walks are walks without a clock. That means that the date and time are totally to be agreed, as long as we have availability, of course 🙂

The duration of our activities ranges between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the tour. They are not very physically demanding, but it is necessary to be used to walking. We recommend wearing comfortable shoes and, even if the weather is good, always have a warm garment on hand.

These are our proposals:

Invisible Corunna

Coruña Invisible

This is not your typical Old Town tour. Yes, we go alongside the oldest part of the city and yes, it helps us to explain the historical evolution of A Coruña from its pre-Roman origins to the current times. But we will focus on the most unknown aspects, the least visited places and the secrets that the ancient Cidade Alta hides.

– 2 hours approximately

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Sculptoric Park of the Tower of Hercules

Bono Torre de Hércules

Two thousand years guarding the Atlantic, the Tower is the world’s oldest lighthouse in operation… and it is also surrounded by 47 hectares of art, history, flora and fauna. A true open-air museum full of tales and legends. A dreamy landscape that we will interpret for you. A route in which you can use all your senses and be in contact with nature.

– 2 and a half hours approximately (It does not include entrance to the monument).

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Monte de San Pedro

Bono Monte de San Pedro

The most advanced technology and the most powerful used by Spain in all its history. Machinery that managed to intimidate the Allies in World War II. Canyons over 17 meters long. Although it may not seem like it, I am talking about A Coruña. Specifically, the Battery on the coast of Monte de San Pedro.

Come and discover the secrets that this green space hides. Tales of war, espionage, bravery and dedication. And all in the middle of an incomparable setting, with the best panoramic views of the city.

– 2 hours approximately.

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English way

Bono Camino Inglés

Did you know that during the 14th and 15th centuries, A Coruña was the main port of reception for pilgrims from the entire Galician coast? In a context of insecurity, sea travel was considered safer, and thus, hundreds of walkers from the British Isles, France or Scandinavia came to our land.

3 hours approximately.

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Extra: Cascarilleiro walk

Bono Paseo Cascarilleiro

You want to make a gift but don’t know which one of our walks to choose? Do not worry! Our Cascarilleiro Voucher is all-terrain, designed to adapt and be flexible. Give it to that special someone so they can choose between the following routes:

Invisible Corunna.
Sculptoric Park.
Monte de San Pedro.
English Way.

(The Sculptoric Park voucher does not include the entrance to the monument).

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